vendredi 8 novembre 2013

Pic... Pic... Picttuurresss :3

Hello everyone :3

Only a little post this time to tell you that you can find me on Instagram since last year ;)
It's easier for me to be there and you'll find many differents things !

Instagram : mimialock
(or click on the picture :3)

Don't hesitate to like, comment and follow me :D
See you soon *o*

jeudi 17 octobre 2013

Again ?

Hi everyone !

That was a long time since I came right ?
To be honnest, that was really difficult for me to stay here. So many things happened, many bad things... In my private life I mean =/
I still don't know if I can stay for long time or if I can post many things here but I can't abandon you like that, right ? ;)

During this past year, I still continue with my love for the wigs (no, it's my real hairs in the picture xD), the circles lenses, the nail art and the make-up ! I still love doing things with my hair but I'm not really good for that XD They are too thin ><

Well well well...
It's Halloween soon !! I started the decorations of my home ! 

What will you do for Holloween ? *o*