mardi 5 juin 2012

The Tokyo Shoppers

Hiii !!

My exams are over ! *sigh* I need holidays now T_T I might go to Italy and Egypt this summer *o* 

Well, in fact I’m here to talk to you about the Tokyo Shoppers !

- Why do you need a Tokyo Shopper ?
 If you want to buy something in Japan that can be difficult for you. Maybe because of the language or maybe because of the world shipping for your country. No matter why but the best solution that you can find is this one : The Tokyo Shopper. She/he will be your contact to buy for you all the items you want.

- What I think :
I tried and I really loved that ! If you have a good Tokyo Shopper it’s really great.
Like I didn’t really know about the sizes, she helps me with that and she even advised me. 
And like she can speak french it was the positive point for me xD
All was really good !

- My Tokyo Shopper :
I was with Rena. You can find her Here. I know that right now she can't do it because of personal problem but it'll be open again soon ! =D

I let you see with pictures :

What I bought : 
- Dolly Wink falses eyelashes n°2/n°6
- 2 tops. One in white and the other in black.

With the black one

And you, have you already try the services of a Tokyo Shopper ?
That make me think that I want to do a swap with you now ^^

See you soon !

2 commentaires:

  1. Oh how much did the items and service cost? I am interested in doing this ^^ and the top is cute! I love lace :3

    1. For the total of the items it was 148,46€ [184,42$]. This price includes your purchases, the commission, paypal fees and the shipping fees.

      On what I see, the price of the commissions is the same for all the Tokyo Shoppers and that depends of the final price too.
      But I really like this service ! I love the fact she can advise you !

      I love lace too ! *o* I think it's something that you can wear really easy and it goes with everything =D It's feminine, class and... I love love huhu