jeudi 2 août 2012

Happy Birthday ! :3


How are you guys ?
Well... Yeah ! July 27th was my birthday ! 22 yeard old ^^ (if you look the pictures, do you think I'm older ? Younger ? xD) For the first time since... A long time, I could do it with my parents. In fact, I miss it much more than I tought to do it with them ^^' It was really funny. Something really simple but still the best.

For my birthday cake, I had one from Pascal Caffet and... OMG ! It was the best cake that I never eat on my life *o* Different types of chocolats (except black I hate it) and there were all so good ! Just right *o*
If one day you can eat one which come from this shop : eat it !

Who is Pascal Caffet ?
He has the title of the Best Worker in France on the category confectioner and chocolate maker.
He has 3 shops : France (Troyes), Japan (Tokyo) & Italy (Turin)
But you can find more informations about him, his job and his shops on the website and facebook.

Um... I'll leave for my holidays for 2 weeks so I wouldn't be able ta blogging or even to answer you. But I'll post pictures when I'll come back =D

 Top : Armand Thierry
Ring : New Look
Earring : New Look

With a zoom for the nail art :

My amazing birthday cake *o*
(ALL were in chocolate ! The red balls were white chocolate *o*)
"Joyeux Anniversaire" : Happy Birthday

When is your birthday ? *o*
Where are you going for your holidays ? =D