samedi 21 juillet 2012

mardi 10 juillet 2012

[Nail art] Wave of Red !

Hi guys ! 

How are you ? *o*
I'm fell better now. Ouf...

Well I wanted to present to you the nails I did today :
Wave of Red !

 Yes it's my phone xD

In fact, it's the first time I made something like that because it's on false nails !
Usually, it's always my real nails ^^

I know I have still many things to learn abourt nail art but if I say I'm a newbie do you understand ^-^ '

And you ?
Which type of nail art do you like the most ?


vendredi 6 juillet 2012

[Review] OPI & CHANEL

Hi guys !

Do you remember the last time when I told to you I bought two news varnishes?
Well, it’s time for me to present them to you!

First one: OPI – Green
Second one: CHANEL – Blue Rebel

I’m really in love with these two bands. When it’s for the nails, you know that you can buy with them without to be scared of buying something wrong.

For the moment, I only did a mini nail art with OPI. Because of the color, it’s a little complicated to wear it only like that so I suggest you to do something else with it (really simple ^^') :

For Chanel, go one this review! On the last picture, it was the varnish I wore! Even if I did a French manicure with this one ^^

& You ? What was the last varnish that you tried ?


jeudi 5 juillet 2012

Back from the hospital...

Hi there !

Sorry that I couldn’t give you much news than before. I was at the hospital and I came back at my home yesterday. Seriously I’m still really tired…

Now I only have to rest and take all my medicines (even it’s really… Disgusting ><”) so don’t worry for me :)

You even can see the “beautiful” blue dress that I had to wear when I was there. Well I smiled at that time and now I remember it was the first day O_o

The next post is coming soon =D
Thank you for those who still reading me ! <3