vendredi 19 octobre 2012

[nail art] Simple Automn

Hi =D

I know this last time I'm doing many things with the nails. I just love that ^^
I even created my own nail laquer *o* I have to show you it ! Not right know 'cause I didn't really have time but sure for the next time =D

Today, I'll show you something really simple for this automn.
2 varnishes [I still don't know if I have to say varnish or polish or nail laquer... Which one ? ^^'] and a stamping.

Let's go !

 - OPI - Brake For Manicures
- OPI - Samoan Sand

-Base & Top Coat : L'Oréal Paris Strong & Shine

BM -203

Ah and just a last thing : did you watch this comeback ? *o*

Take care and see you soon =D


jeudi 4 octobre 2012

[Nail Art] Important month : #October

Hi everyone !

You maybe already know but this month is special for all women on this World. 
October is a synonym of the fight against the breast cancer. It’s very important !
If you have the age to do the detection do not hesitate to do it ! Don’t be scared because that could save your life. Do not hesitate to talk about that with your mum, your aunt and even your friends. Do not hesitate to take an appointment for them if they don’t want.
All women have to realize of this disease.  

To support this cause, I did a nailart. Like that, everyone can see it and think of it properly.
If you’re scared, then remember that : you are not alone. 

[If you do something for this cause on your blog/site, give me the link, I'll add it here.]

Sorry for the bad quality. Don't understand why...

Same here ><
Base : Resist & Shine - L'Oreal Paris
Clear pink : Pink Pong - Sally Hansen
Dark pink : Shrimply Devine - Sally Hansen
Glitters : It's a Meteor - Orly
Top Coat : Anti-Chip Top Coat - Sally Hansen

Let me know if you have questions !

See you soon :3

jeudi 2 août 2012

Happy Birthday ! :3


How are you guys ?
Well... Yeah ! July 27th was my birthday ! 22 yeard old ^^ (if you look the pictures, do you think I'm older ? Younger ? xD) For the first time since... A long time, I could do it with my parents. In fact, I miss it much more than I tought to do it with them ^^' It was really funny. Something really simple but still the best.

For my birthday cake, I had one from Pascal Caffet and... OMG ! It was the best cake that I never eat on my life *o* Different types of chocolats (except black I hate it) and there were all so good ! Just right *o*
If one day you can eat one which come from this shop : eat it !

Who is Pascal Caffet ?
He has the title of the Best Worker in France on the category confectioner and chocolate maker.
He has 3 shops : France (Troyes), Japan (Tokyo) & Italy (Turin)
But you can find more informations about him, his job and his shops on the website and facebook.

Um... I'll leave for my holidays for 2 weeks so I wouldn't be able ta blogging or even to answer you. But I'll post pictures when I'll come back =D

 Top : Armand Thierry
Ring : New Look
Earring : New Look

With a zoom for the nail art :

My amazing birthday cake *o*
(ALL were in chocolate ! The red balls were white chocolate *o*)
"Joyeux Anniversaire" : Happy Birthday

When is your birthday ? *o*
Where are you going for your holidays ? =D

samedi 21 juillet 2012

mardi 10 juillet 2012

[Nail art] Wave of Red !

Hi guys ! 

How are you ? *o*
I'm fell better now. Ouf...

Well I wanted to present to you the nails I did today :
Wave of Red !

 Yes it's my phone xD

In fact, it's the first time I made something like that because it's on false nails !
Usually, it's always my real nails ^^

I know I have still many things to learn abourt nail art but if I say I'm a newbie do you understand ^-^ '

And you ?
Which type of nail art do you like the most ?


vendredi 6 juillet 2012

[Review] OPI & CHANEL

Hi guys !

Do you remember the last time when I told to you I bought two news varnishes?
Well, it’s time for me to present them to you!

First one: OPI – Green
Second one: CHANEL – Blue Rebel

I’m really in love with these two bands. When it’s for the nails, you know that you can buy with them without to be scared of buying something wrong.

For the moment, I only did a mini nail art with OPI. Because of the color, it’s a little complicated to wear it only like that so I suggest you to do something else with it (really simple ^^') :

For Chanel, go one this review! On the last picture, it was the varnish I wore! Even if I did a French manicure with this one ^^

& You ? What was the last varnish that you tried ?


jeudi 5 juillet 2012

Back from the hospital...

Hi there !

Sorry that I couldn’t give you much news than before. I was at the hospital and I came back at my home yesterday. Seriously I’m still really tired…

Now I only have to rest and take all my medicines (even it’s really… Disgusting ><”) so don’t worry for me :)

You even can see the “beautiful” blue dress that I had to wear when I was there. Well I smiled at that time and now I remember it was the first day O_o

The next post is coming soon =D
Thank you for those who still reading me ! <3

mardi 5 juin 2012

The Tokyo Shoppers

Hiii !!

My exams are over ! *sigh* I need holidays now T_T I might go to Italy and Egypt this summer *o* 

Well, in fact I’m here to talk to you about the Tokyo Shoppers !

- Why do you need a Tokyo Shopper ?
 If you want to buy something in Japan that can be difficult for you. Maybe because of the language or maybe because of the world shipping for your country. No matter why but the best solution that you can find is this one : The Tokyo Shopper. She/he will be your contact to buy for you all the items you want.

- What I think :
I tried and I really loved that ! If you have a good Tokyo Shopper it’s really great.
Like I didn’t really know about the sizes, she helps me with that and she even advised me. 
And like she can speak french it was the positive point for me xD
All was really good !

- My Tokyo Shopper :
I was with Rena. You can find her Here. I know that right now she can't do it because of personal problem but it'll be open again soon ! =D

I let you see with pictures :

What I bought : 
- Dolly Wink falses eyelashes n°2/n°6
- 2 tops. One in white and the other in black.

With the black one

And you, have you already try the services of a Tokyo Shopper ?
That make me think that I want to do a swap with you now ^^

See you soon !

mardi 8 mai 2012

'Cause I had to do it XD

Yo !

Not a new post because I'm sooo busy with my school and my final exams for this week.
That begins Friday =/ Seriously I don't want ><'

As I can't really do something I wanted to show you one comeback and... A new band !

First with this amazing comeback *o*

Second the new band :3
 [here EXO-K but I love EXO-M too !]

I know U-KISS for fews months now and they even came in France ! (& I was sick ! ... )
I really don't understand why they don't have much popularity in Korea !
Well, all that I know it's there are many Kiss Me in France fufufu

EXO... In fact, I didn't like them. I was looking forward to watch them, watch their debut but... so many teasers again and again O_ô So when their first song came out, I didn't listen it... Never. But with the korean radio (Do you know K-FM ?) I discovered it whitout I knew it was them ! And I loved it ! Not really with History (but more with EXO-M *o*) but... MAMA... I love it *o*

And you, what are you listening ?
What do you think of them ? =D

dimanche 29 avril 2012

[Review] Circle lenses - Angel Green

Hi Everyone !

I wanted to do my fangirl today but... I have to show you that first ^^
[But, the special come back was so greatt !! *o* U-KISS <3]

I bought 3 pairs of lenses the last time from Eyecandylens the last time.
For the fist review, it will be with the Green Angel.

Why did I command there ?
Like I come from France, when I saw "Free Worlwide Shipping" it was really a good thing. I also know many people who had it there whitout any problems so...

Lens Info :
Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38%
Diameter: 14.00 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable 

Confort : 5/5
I'm someone really difficult with the lenses because I'm really sensitive with my eyes. I was a little afraid but... What a good suprise ! I felt nothing for all the hours I wear it ! The last hour was the most difficult of course but I've worn them for 7 hours !
I love them <3

Enlargement : 4/5
Diameter : 14.00 mm
I have natural big eyes so, for me, it's like if that help me to have them just a little smallest Fufufu. Or is it just my imagination ? x)

Color & Design : 4/5
I was afraid too for this point. Will it be not natural ? Of course we can see it's not your not natural eyes but what about the color ? In fact, that goes very well !

If have any negatives points ? None.

Photos : 

With the review of tattoos lips HERE

                                                     And you, what do you think about the Angel Serie ? :)

dimanche 22 avril 2012

Nails + Story

Good morning/afternoon !

Do you know the bad new ? I have my final exam in two weeks ! So funny XD

I wanted to show you my new friend and his bodyguard !
On the pics, he wears my glasses but... That suits him well right ? xD (You can't say it's not the truth ! Ttsss)


I love this new friend ! Isn't he cute ? <3

I wanted to show you my nails too with a new varnish from O.P.I
Well.... It's something really simple ! But I like the color ^^

Hope you'll have a good week :)
See you ! 

dimanche 15 avril 2012

[Reviews] Temporary lip tattoos from Violent Lips

Hi Everyone ! 

This is a new review about something I heard a little time. In fact, I was really curious. 
When I saw it, I thought it was strange ^^ Si I decided to try ! 

Temporary Lip Tatoos from Violent Lips
For this time, I tried with The Red Polka 

What is great that's there are 3 on every kits. And trust me, for the best ^^

Confort : 4/5
Seriously, you have it on your lips but you fell... Nothing ! You have them on you like if it was your real lips. 
However, maybe because I'm a little paranoid, I had always the feeling that dried my lips. Good news : You can still put gloss or labello ;) [And yes, you can still kiss your boyfriend without any problems XD]

To Apply : 3/5
It's surely my only negative point. But not much. Maybe it's because I'm not still used or maybe because I have little lips but it was really not easy to apply. My first test was a disaster. Here you can watch a video of how to do. It's seems to be easy when you watch it, isn't it ? It was what I thought too.

Overall :
I would like to try the others. It's something really great and if you go on a party with that you can be sure to be the star of the night xD I tried this one but look the others and you'll understand what I wanted to say haha
So even if it was not easy on the first test, I look forward to show it at my friends the next time *o*

PS : I had it for all an afternoon but if you want to remove it before, take a wet cotton.


I wear my green 'angel' lenses here and the false eyelashes from Sephora. 
Nail art : the new Chanel with a french manucure.
Ah and... Yeah it's my real hair this time XD

mercredi 11 avril 2012

Wow XD

Hi everyone !
How are you ? =D

Sorry, I couldn't do any message the last week ! I'm so busy with my school and my final exams are the next month @_@'

Last friday, I were at the SS4 in Paris ! For those who doesn't know what it is : SuperShow 4 ! Big Show with the Super Junior ! A korean band *o* It was so amazing ! I only want to see them again and again ! *_* You can see my pictures here ! =D [You can take them but, please, keep the credits !]

I received my command from Eyecandy Lens and KKcenterhk ! =D Oh and I won a #FFGiveaway on Twitter with Violent Lips ! Haha ! Now I have tatoos lips ! It's funny ! So, be ready to have many reviews here soon ! <3

Well... I was tagged by Sophie about make-up ! So, let's go !

x. What do you particularly like at the moment ?
 Microperfection HP Sephora Professional, black eyeline Sephora Profesional, Brow Sculpting Gel Ardell

x. What things that you didn't use before are you now almost addicted to ?
 False eyelashes *o* Color lenses and wig
 (yeah, I love changing x3)

x. What do you want to try ?
Orange Super Plus Triple Function BB Vital Cream, Dolly Wink no.11, Jealousness-ES04.

x. What make-up tips did you learn recently ?
The best thing of how to do to put your false eyelashes really easily ^^

I tag : Lizzie, Christina, Rose, Nana

Have a good week ! =3

On the pictures :
- Top and Coat - H&M
- Brown Wig (review here)
- False eyelashes - Sephora Make Up Profesional (review soon)
- Green lenses Angel (review soon)
- Pink glasses
- Brow Sculpting Gel- Light Brown - ARDELL