vendredi 19 octobre 2012

[nail art] Simple Automn

Hi =D

I know this last time I'm doing many things with the nails. I just love that ^^
I even created my own nail laquer *o* I have to show you it ! Not right know 'cause I didn't really have time but sure for the next time =D

Today, I'll show you something really simple for this automn.
2 varnishes [I still don't know if I have to say varnish or polish or nail laquer... Which one ? ^^'] and a stamping.

Let's go !

 - OPI - Brake For Manicures
- OPI - Samoan Sand

-Base & Top Coat : L'Oréal Paris Strong & Shine

BM -203

Ah and just a last thing : did you watch this comeback ? *o*

Take care and see you soon =D


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