jeudi 4 octobre 2012

[Nail Art] Important month : #October

Hi everyone !

You maybe already know but this month is special for all women on this World. 
October is a synonym of the fight against the breast cancer. It’s very important !
If you have the age to do the detection do not hesitate to do it ! Don’t be scared because that could save your life. Do not hesitate to talk about that with your mum, your aunt and even your friends. Do not hesitate to take an appointment for them if they don’t want.
All women have to realize of this disease.  

To support this cause, I did a nailart. Like that, everyone can see it and think of it properly.
If you’re scared, then remember that : you are not alone. 

[If you do something for this cause on your blog/site, give me the link, I'll add it here.]

Sorry for the bad quality. Don't understand why...

Same here ><
Base : Resist & Shine - L'Oreal Paris
Clear pink : Pink Pong - Sally Hansen
Dark pink : Shrimply Devine - Sally Hansen
Glitters : It's a Meteor - Orly
Top Coat : Anti-Chip Top Coat - Sally Hansen

Let me know if you have questions !

See you soon :3

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