samedi 17 mars 2012

Today was for fun ! :3

Hi Everyone !

So how are you today ?
In few days, I'll receive a new command from KKcenterhk and Eyecandy Lens too ! I really look forward to do reviews for all of that ! keke~

Ah and... You can see my new Whishlist Here now =D

For today :
In fact, yesterday night, I made plaits with my wet hair so I have waves now ^^ & so soft *o*

I wanted to wear an old pullover I had but it's not my style anymore so I wondered how I could do... Haha
Just watch XD I only wear it like that and my hair help too ^^ [with black pants =)]

Ah and... I have to tell you : Yeah I'm 21 XD Look so young here O_o Little strange ^^
At the same time, I had a very simple makeup.


What I have used : 
- Black Smoky Lash Mascara from Makeup Professional Sephora
- Black Aqua Eyes from Makeup Professional Sephora
- Black Eyeliner from Lancôme
- Black eye shadow from Sephora

Don't forget you can ask me what you want ! I always reply directly to comments =)

See ya ! 

3 commentaires:

  1. J'ai hâte de voir tes commandes ^^
    D'ici avril je pense commander aussi :)
    Jolie make-up ;D

    1. Haha ! Moi aussi *o*
      Apparemment elles sont déjà arrivées !
      Mais en recommandés donc du coup je ne peux y aller que le matin. Hors j'ai cours donc que le samedi xD Quelle galère ça part contre XD

      Meurki bien :3